Well, just got my blog up. I miss having my own website and having my own blog and such…but I’m a) poor and b) lazy and don’t feel like paying or making my own blog again. Now that most of my video games are boring now and I’m saving up to get good ol City of Villains, my free time life has become stagnant and I need something to do. Why not post random things about my life in here? Don’t mind if I do.

I can’t fucking wait until this school year is over. I feel like I am in a hole. I won’t get out of here until I graduate. I’m not expanding my mind, nor do I even want to expand my mind. Second semester of your senior year is a place where you just want to sit back….sign up on a weblog…eat some Pepper Jack cheese and hang out with your other friends who want to do the same. It’s pathetic the life I am living now.

I’m going to leave now to start on the homework that is going to take me fifteen minutes because I am just going to make answers up anyway. Then I’ll masturbate…probobly take a poop. Call my girlfriend…take another poop and go to bed. Sounds good to me.